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Birth Chart Doshas and Jap Remedies

Every person is born on the earth with a certain destiny contained in his/her birth chart or Janam Kundli (Janam means “Birth” and Kundli means “Chart”). The Janam Kundli is nothing but a snapshot of the positions of planets and zodiac signs in the Kundli’s twelve houses.  

Generally, the Janam Kundli describes:

  • A person’s qualities and weaknesses
  • The probable incidents and positions in various spheres of his/her present life
  • Certain favorable and beneficial Kundli yogas (advantages) and specific unfavorable and troublesome Kundli doshas (afflictions)
  • Many other aspects and activities of the past and present lives

Birth charts also describe the doshas (issues) that exist for a person. Sometimes, while we may be trying our best, we could still be struggling to reap the benefits of our hard work or get saddled with issues in critical areas such as physical and mental health, career, marriage, finance, law, and family, among others, without realizing why these issues are affecting us.

Some of the doshas (ill effects) that occur in the birth chart and their impact areas are mapped below:

Marriage Peace & Prosperity Property & Finance/Wealth Education, Career, & Business Health Physical/Mental Child Conception Family & Relationships
Mangal Dosha Y
Dampatya Badha Dosha Y
Kaal Sarpa Dosha Y Y Y
Shani Dosha Y Y Y Y
Pitra Dosha Y Y Y Y Y
Chandra Dosha Y Y Y
Kemadruma Dosha Y Y Y Y Y
Business Badha Dosha Y Y
Gandmool Dosh Y

It becomes imperative to mitigate these doshas (ill effects) in your birth chart through various means, including jap, so that their effect is minimized in life.

JapShakti can help you identify these doshas that may be present in your birth chart and help you with a tailor-made remedial solution for the same.

$ 51.00

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