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Rudra Abhishekam



Gain wisdom and clarity
Remove obstacles to rapid success
Achieve prosperity and inner peace
Rudra Abhishekam
Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is a part of the holy trinity that Hindus consider as the epitome of controlling the universe.

Rudra Abhishekam pooja is an extremely important ritual. It is considered as one of the finest, purest, and most compelling rituals in Hinduism.

So much so that when someone asked Adi Shankaracharya, the great Indian philosopher and theologian who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta, what is that one thing that can give you liberation as well as all material pleasures and achievements, he replied, “Shri Rudram.”

Shri Rudram or Rudra pooja or Rudra Abhishekam is a set of mantras that is recited to invoke and pay obeisance to the Shiva tattva (Shiva energy/principle) in the cosmos. These mantras help you to grow spiritually as well as achieve everything else that you desire from your material life.

From the Vedic times, Rudra pooja is considered as one of the most powerful tools to usher in peace and harmony in the environment.

Rudra Abhishekam pooja has the following five components:
  • Ganpati Atharvashirsha: Rudra pooja starts by invoking Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.
  • Anganyasa: This is the process by which one invokes the deity within themselves before they can pray to the deity outside them.
  • Panchamrit Snanam: After Anganyasa, the Abhishekam (worship) of the Shiva lingam is done with panchamrit.

The elements of the panchamrit represent the pancha tattvas (the five elements that the universe is made of – space, air, fire, water, and earth). Shiva lingam itself is the symbol of this existence, including all the manifested and unmanifested universe.

All the tattvas in this existence are pacified by offering the five components of the panchamrit. These components are milk, curd, jaggery, honey, and ghee. Offering a mixture of these five over a Shiva lingam is symbolic of pacifying the five elements across the universe.

  • Namakam: This is done to recognize the presence of Shiva tattva in everything. As per quantum physics, we are all made up of the same energy. This part of Rudram is done to recognize that the same energy exists in everyone and everything.


  •  Chamakam: In this, we recognize that all the things present in the existence are within us. So, each tattva or Rudra is present everywhere and everything that contains that energy is within us. Thus, we worship the presence of that Rudra within us.
There are many benefits of performing and even merely sitting through Shri Rudra Abhishekam, but the key benefit is the feeling of peace and harmony.

At the individual level, Rudra Abhishekam can help you:

  • Achieve wisdom and clarity of purpose and mind
  • Develop your intuitive faculty
  • Improve your health, wealth, harmony, inner peace, and prosperity
  • Develop your inner strength and character, and grow spiritually
  • Achieve faster progress by removing obstacles
  • Secure protection against incurable diseases
  • Resolve issues related to conception, childbirth, and progeny
  • Lessen the influence of bad planetary combinations
  • Overcome fears, phobias, and insecurities
  • Relieve the malefic effects of planets, including that of Shani (Saturn) and Rahu
  • Improve your job and career prospects
  • Cleanse negative energies from your home or office space and fill the atmosphere with positivity

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