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Satyanarayan Pooja



Get healthy, wealthy, and prosperous 

Have harmonious family bonds

Overcome obstacles and realize a vow

Satyanarayan Pooja

Lord Satyanarayan is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, who is also known as Narayana, the one who symbolizes eternal truth. Since Satya means “truth” and Narayana “the ultimate being”, Lord Satyanarayan is considered as the epitome of truth and justice.

Thus, Satyanarayan pooja or Satyanarayan katha is performed to appease Lord Satyanarayan, the most compassionate form of Lord Vishnu.

The pooja has been performed since ancient times and dates to the Skanda Purana. It is written that Narada Muni asked Lord Vishnu the way to end the miseries of the people on the earth. In response, Lord Vishnu said that worshiping Lord Satyanarayan will be the ultimate way to happiness and moksha in Kaliyuga.

Satyanarayan pooja is performed by doing Gowri Ganesh pooja, followed by Varuna pooja (kalash pooja), and, subsequently, reading the Lord Satyanarayan kathas, which contain five chapters. A havan is also performed in the praise of Lord Satyanarayan to receive his blessings. After this, Satyanarayan pooja prasad is distributed, which is a very important part of the pooja.

Significance of Performing Satyanarayan Pooja

Hindus perform Satyanarayan katha and vrat (fasting on the day of the pooja) for the divine blessings of health, wealth, prosperity, opulence, and education, and relief from troubles and sickness. It can also be carried out for success in business or career, as well as during social events like marriages, housewarming ceremonies, and naming of children. Additionally, performing this auspicious pooja usually bestows couples trying to start a family with a child.

Satyanarayan katha is also performed to fulfill wishes and desires. The purpose of Satyanarayan pooja is to bring friends and family together and encourage unity and harmony. It is performed to make sure that abundance, prosperity, and general happiness as well as well-being prevail in the family.

Benefits of Performing Satyanarayan Pooja

Paying homage to Lord Satyanarayan through the jap of the Satyanarayan katha can help you:

  • Attain health, wealth, peace, and prosperity
  • Create harmonious family relations
  • Protect against evil eye, enemies, and negative energies
  • Overcome any obstacles
  • Realize a vow of marriage, business success, job promotion, success in exams, or success in a competition
  • Realize the dream of a child

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