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Shri Ramayan Path



Achieve peace and prosperity

Succeed in business and new ventures

Get protection from evil

Shri Ramayan Path

Shri Ram Charit Manas or Shri Ramayan is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being Mahabharat. Along with Mahabharat, it forms the Hindu itihasa (history).

Read by millions of people globally every year, this sacred book is one of the largest ancient epics in world literature with nearly 24,000 verses.

The name Ramayan is a sandhi (compound) of the words “Ram” and “ayaṇa”, meaning the “journey of Ram”. This holy scripture of Hindus is traditionally ascribed to Maharishi Valmiki and narrates the triumphs and trials in the lifetime of Lord Ram – the seventh reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Ram is also referred to as “Purushottam” – or the “Supreme Persona” – as he stands for truth, justice, and morality, and depicts the duties of relationships. He epitomizes the ideal characters of a father, a servant, a brother, a husband, and a king.

Devotees invoke the name of Lord Ram as the eradicator of all types of adversity and agony of jiva (living beings). He is the bestower all types of favor, honor, and wealth. By just looking at his benevolent face, people feel calm and happy.

Significance of Shri Ramayan Path

According to Hindu belief, a mere recital of the great epic Ramayan is considered highly auspicious and is effective enough to remove various obstacles.

It is considered that the benefits of reciting this epic are increased manifold if it is recited non-stop from the start to the end without any breaks in between, which takes approximately 24 hours. This non-stop recitation is referred to as “Akhand Ramayan”, meaning complete or full.

The Shri Ramayan path can be of two types:

  • Ramayan path recited over 9 days
  • Akhand Ramayan path – Completed in 24 hours

Akhand Ramayan Path

The continuous recital of the entire Shri Ram Charit Manas for 24 hours is called the Akhand Ramayan path. The entire epic consists of seven kands, each depicting the various life stages and leelas of Lord Ram. These kands are as follows:

  • Baalkand
  • Ayodhyakand
  • Aranyakand
  • Kishkindhakand
  • Sunderkand
  • Lankakand
  • Uttarkand

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Benefits of Performing Shri Ramayan Path

The Shri Ramayan path can help you:

  • Bring in peace, prosperity, good health, and happiness in the family
  • Succeed in a new business or venture
  • Start any new activity/phase in life auspiciously, like entering a new house (Griha Pravesh), wedding ceremonies, and births, among others
  • Get protection against damage and danger from evil
  • Improve your health and get protection against health problems
  • Pay homage and tributes to Lord Ram on various occasions, especially on Ram Navami, which is considered as the Day of Birth of Lord Ram as per Hindu belief

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