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Get blessings for your home and family

Drive away negative and evil energies

Purify your home and surroundings

Vastu Pooja

Vastu pooja is performed before you shift to a new home. It is done to remove the ill-effects and doshs (issues) as well as improve the flow of positive energy in the house. By performing the Vastu pooja, the home dwellers bring about peace and prosperity into their new home, in turn protecting their home from natural calamities.

You should perform the Vastu pooja when you:

  • Purchase a new home
  • Renovate your old home
  • Move into a rental home

The Vastu pooja involves rituals like dwar pooja, boiling milk, Gauri-Ganesh, kalash, and Navagraha, and various havans like Ganesh havan, Navagraha havan, Vastu havan, and Varun havan are also performed.

Types of Vastu Pooja

There are three types of Vastu pooja, as mentioned in our ancient scriptures and Vedic books:

  • Apoorva: This is done before entering a recently built home or a new lot for the first time.
  • Sapoorva: This is performed before returning to a home you have already lived in after a long time, for example, after migrating to another city or country or traveling abroad.
  • Dwandwah: This is done when you reenter your home after renovation or reconstruction.

When to Perform Vastu Pooja?

The date for performing the Vastu pooja is fixed according to an auspicious Vastu muhurat or any favorable muhurat that is arrived at based on the rashi and nakshatra of the homeowners.

Benefits of Performing Vastu Pooja

Performing the essential Vastu pooja benefits the home dwellers as it:

  • Protects the home against negative energy and evil eye and improves its positive energy flow
  • Blesses the home dwellers with harmony, prosperity, and good fortune
  • Purifies and spiritualizes the home surroundings and environment with divine, positive vibes
  • Helps remove any obstacles that may occur in life
  • Appeases the Vastu Purush and the nine planets through the Griha Shanti pooja and the Vastu Shanti pooja, preventing untimely and unfortunate events from affecting the home and its dwellers

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